Terms of Submitting your CV

Thank you for selecting Teleperformance Hellas for submitting your CV and enabling us to contact you for discussing any positions suitable for your professional profile.

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1. You warrant its content and accuracy.
2. You authorize Teleperformance Hellas to make the necessary processing of personal data contained in the CV, and any other personal data you may submit and for the purposes intended thereof.
3. By virtue of the above authorization Teleperformance Hellas processes personal data of the applicants in accordance with the provisions of L. 2472/1997 as amended, and all pertinent statutory provisions on data protection in order to assess the skills of the Candidates for the post, that have sent their CV for, or for any other position for which they possess the necessary skills.
4. Teleperformance Hellas may designate employees or other third parties, as processors of CVs received, within the framework of L. 2472/1997.
5. You may exercise your rights under sections 11 – 13 of L. 2472/1997.
6. Duration of processing is 24 months as of its receipt by Teleperformance Hellas.
7. All personal data are secured by electronic means and security passwords and are accessible only by authorized personnel.
8. Teleperformance Hellas operates an Equal Opportunity policy and Discrimination in the work environment is strongly prohibited. However, if at any stage of the recruitment or the hiring process you feel that you been treated against the Code of Ethics, the Anti-discrimination legislation and to the UNGC please, notify immediately the HR Director.